Soundcard input configuration using a Kenwood TS-2000

I managed to install and configure my satnogs client using debian strecth and ansible distribution.

The rigctl and the rotctl are working fine, but the the input raw data from my radio Kenwood TS-2000 is not working. I’m using the mic from a generic soundcard to connect the raw data comming from the audio connector of the TS-2000.

How can I configure satnogs to receive the TS-2000 raw data incoming from a generic soundcard in my raspberry pi?

I know you can make it work the way you’re going … but some advice … for $100 pickup a signalink sound adapter with the TS2000 cable. The cable plugs right into the ACC port back of the radio … doesn’t interfere with any other connections … you still get to use your regular speaker and mike without changing things around and the levels are set and forget … plus you can do digital modes too :slight_smile:

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I’m not really sure SatNOGS has reasonable support for ‘traditional’ receivers anymore. I’m also not sure continuing that support is a good use of the developers time.

You would also be missing out on all the various advancements and modulation modes made possible though SDR receivers. (Wide bandwidth BPSK mods, FSK reception of off-frequency signals, production of waterfall displays which help with doppler analysis, etc…)

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