Sort ground stations by antennas?

If I want to use a specific ground station, all I do is click on it and I can see upcoming passes. But what if I want to listen to a specific satellite? I have to look through the whole ground station list to find one with appropriate hardware.
In this case, I need to listen to a bird on 2200 MHz - isn’t it possible to filter the ground stations by antenna?
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New observation page does this for you, by checking and displaying only the stations that do have an antenna that can listen to a specific transmitter frequency.


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Interesting! And where do I get to the “New Observation”-page? I can’t find it anywhere…

On “Observations” page there is a big button top-left named “New Observation”

Or directly on Sign In with Auth0

Interesting - I don’t have that button:

And when I follow the direct link you gave, I get this message: “You don’t have permissions to schedule observations.”

So what do I have to do to get permission to schedule observations?

As you can see in the Network permissions matrix you can schedule observations to other stations only if you are an owner of an active “online” ground station.

Your #426 station seems to be offline now, thus you don’t have permission to schedule on other stations.