[Solved] Where to find SATNOGS_DEV_ARGS

Looking for SATNOGS_DEV_ARGS in the ‘satnogs-setup’, 'Advanced’menu but doesnt appear to be there.

I am trying to activate the Bias tee for RTL-SDR as per the instructions here:

Am I looking in the right place?
Should I be attempting to input this at the command line somehow?


sudo satnogs-setup

then select Advanced
then hit the page down button twice
then SATNOGS_DEV_ARGS should be the 3rd menu item. Highlight it and hit enter.

Be sure to hit APPLY in the main menu screen before exiting satnogs-setup.


AH! there is the problem.

In the Advanced Menu
I have:
Network - Network settings
Radio - Radio settings
Rotator - Rotator settings
Waterfall - Waterfall settings
Scripts - Pre/post-observation scripts
Paths - Path settings
Hamlib - Hamlib settings
SNMP - SNMP settings
GPS - GPS settings
Software - Software package settings
Debug - Debug settings
Support - Generate support information

If it helps at the top of the menu screen it shows:
satnogs-client-ansible-202002171218, satnogs-client-1.0, gr-satnogs-1.5.1-1

I assume that there has been a change that has removed, or at least moved, the SATNOGS_DEV-ARGS menu item.

Apologies for taking up your time with something that appears should be trivial.


I suggest looking under radio - radio settings.

As that is where it moved.

Thanks. Would it have a different name?
Can’t see anything that looks similar

I have looked through all of the ‘Advanced’ menu items and couldn’t find anything that looked like it was in the same ballpark.

Ahha! Sorry. I just noticed that the menu scrolled down!
As mentioned it is under Radio - Radio settings.

Thank you both very much.
Hopefully I can now get my system working.


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