(solved) gpredict only shows satellites from one of the 'modules'

Today, gpredict woke up showing only satellites in one of the ‘modules’ I defined. The other modules have their normal tabs, but clicking on them shows an empty map. I checked the last log and found
gtk_sat_module_load_sats: Failed to get list of satellites (Key file does not have group “GLOBAL”)
6 times, just the number of missing ‘modules’…

This has been working flawlessly for weeks now. I did not change/edit/update anything yesterday or today.

I couldn’t find references to what group “GLOBAL” means either.

I reinstalled gpredict to be sure. That doesn’t change anything though.

What does that mean?

Update I just checked the 6 files in .config/Gpredict/modules and indeed, their contents was modified to:


The one that works has all its data intact.

I’ve no idea what did this! Do I have to worry about backing up these files too?

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gPredict seems to write the satellite lists each time it closes. If anything goes wrong, the contents of the *.mod files is cleared, and written over potentially still useful data (which seems to have happened here - I had to re-edit the contents of all of them.


  • Make a backup of the configuration directory frequently
  • Don’t edit the files manually while gPredict is running - they will be overwritten when gPredict exits!

Another issue to be aware of: If you open two instances of gpredict, each instance writes the config files on exiting. So, if you modify anything in one instance and exit, the other copy will overwrite again on its exit.