[Solved] Client host in emergency mode


The SatNOGS client host (Raspberry Pi 3B) started to experience problems to boot up. On close inspection the boot sequence is halted because of the Linux entering “emergency mode” and thus failing to continue until some administrator actions are taken.

On Linux this condition is usually related to a corrupted fstab file, but in this case no corruption is evident.

All health parameters such as temperature, disk space and throttling conditions are fine.

¿Is there any experience of this condition happening because of some reason from the SatNOGS client or should I start to debug and solve it just like any regular Linux image looking elsewhere?

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

My first guess would be either SD card issues or power supply problems. Try alternative SD cards and/or power supply if you dont have an easy way to test it.


Indeed, Kranky power supply it was.

Thanks! Pedro, LU7DID