Solar Terminator Other Features Not Working

In regards to gpredict 2.2.2 or later.

1 - How do you get the Solar Terminator and Global shadow to display on the map view?
When I go to Preferences --> Map View
There is a list of items where the color can be changed. Included in the list is Solar Terminator and Global shadow. When I set either one to something like red and the opacity set to the maximum they don’t appear on the map view.

2 - The opacity/transparency appears not to work

3 - Is it possible to turn off the satellites footprint?
I know can turn off the shading within the footprint but in some cases I want to turn the actual footprint off.


Maybe you can better ask that question at

I did as you suggested.
In the meantime can you tell me how to get the Solar terminator to display?

I really have no idea, never used the option, and also have no idea about its function.