Software to open brd and sch files

Hi for all!, wich software can i use to open the BRD and SCH files to print the PCBs, in the github repository???

Thanks in advance

Hi there, that is CadSoft Eagle. You can open it, and edit with some limitations, with the free version.

Thanks!, i will try it.

Hola Matías, tal como lo dicen mas arriba, no hay problema en abrir y editar los archivos con Eagle, si tienes alguna otra duda con el proyecto no dudes en consultarnos o si necesitas saber donde comprar los componentes.

un gran abrazo, CA1CVI

Hi Matías, as said above, no problem to open and edit files with Eagle, if you have any further questions to the project do not hesitate to contact us or if you need to know where to buy the components.

a big hug, CA1CVI

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