SoCiS 2017 - Which satellite decoders you want to see?

A few days ago @Sleepwalker posted an update on his work for ESA’s Summer of Code in Space 2017 under @surligas

Among the tasks of the project he plans to extend the number of satellite decoders available in the SatNOGS GNU-radio module. In order to do this, critical information such as the training sequences, coding and scrambling algorithms of these satellites must be known to him and his mentor. The initial plan includes the implementation of decoders for GOMX satellites, CAS-4A, CAS-4B , STRAND-1, GRIFEX, UNISAT-6 and the QB50 P1 and P2 sats.

They would further like to reach out to the amateur radio community, to let them know for which additional satellites it would be useful to implement the decoders and whatever further info you may have about them.

Don’t hesitate to follow the link above, comment on the satellite decoders you deem useful and spread the word.

Thank you @elkos for the introduction and greetings to the Libre Space community.

This year’s LibreSpace participation to the Summer of Code in Space by ESA will be carried out by me and my mentor Manolis Surligas (@surligas). Towards the coming coding period, the goal is double: First we want to implement the communications interface between satnogs-client and the underlying hardware or software defined radio so that the transition to the new satnogs-client architecture is complete. Second, we would like to extend the pool of available satellite decoders in gr-satnogs. As mentioned above, we already have some satellites in mind that would be useful to implement decoders for, but since knowledge is power, we want to reach out to the community to let us know for which satellites you would like to have decoders. Further, to help us implement reliable decoders, let us know if you have any information such as training sequences, modulations, coding and scrambling algorithms for either the satellites that we have chosen to begin with or the ones you may propose to us. Your contribution to this project could be vital.

Thank you

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Hi all,

A useful one IMO would be ‘generic’ 1k2 and 9k6 AFSK/FSK AX.25 decoders, to decode the numerous cubesats using these schemes. I’m not sure it’s worth going to the level of decoding the telemetry frames themselves, but at least being able to dump the packets to a file for later decoding may be useful.

To avoid re-inventing the wheel, Daniel Estevez has a large library of satellite demodulators here:

Mark VK5QI

Thank you for your reply Mark!
We already have a generic 9k6 FSK AX.25 decoder available in gr-satnogs so we will set as target to implement also the 1k2 version.

Thank you again for the suggestion!