Soapy Server Error

Occasionally I’m receiving the following error message when Soapy Server has been running for variable time periods:Server bound to
Launching discovery server…
Connecting to DNS-SD daemon…
[INFO] Avahi version: avahi 0.7
[INFO] Avahi hostname: satnogs
[INFO] Avahi domain: local
[INFO] Avahi FQDN: satnogs.local
[INFO] avahi_entry_group_add_service(satnogs._soapy._tcp)
Press Ctrl+C to stop the server
client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe
I’ve changed the SDR and also changed the RasPi from a 3B to a 4B, but the error still occurs.
Pressing CTRL+C puts the CLI to the Linux box as if the RasPi has been exited.
Any thoughts as to why will be greatly appreciated?

This must be an SSH client error and not a Soapy server error. Probably your SSH connection is broken from the Linux box to the RPi. I would suggest that you use a terminal multiplexer like byobu to keep your sessions running after disconnect.

Thanks for your reply @Acinonyx. I’ve now omitted SSH and accessed the RasPi4 direct but the error still prevails. I’ve tried using byobu but I’m not sure it gives more clues.