Silly questio time - is SatNOGS only Ux based?

Sorry but only started in on this this morning - is SatNOGS only based around Ux systems, RaspPi, Linux etc.

Or is there some PC Win10 versions?

I do have RPi’s available but not sure yet how to integrate with my primary network, PC & Radios etc. Thats for later unless this can be covered in a PC.

Stephen G6SGA

SatNOGS Client with its requirements can be installed only on linux, however installing it requires some skills. For that reason we have created an image for Raspberry Pi that makes installation and configuration easier.

You can connect RPi with a network cable or wifi for allowing SatNOGS Client to communicate with SatNOGS Network (receive tasks and return results). The next step is to plug in RPi, an SDR device from the supported ones and connect it with an antenna. That’s more or less a basic setup, you can then build on it, for example connecting an LNA, a rotator etc.

For more detailed information and to have a better overview on how to build and configure a station for SatNOGS Network, take a look in our wiki pages.