Signal in the L band BW (is it a satellite?)

Hello everyone again! I have a signal observation which is giving us problems for its identification. It is a very strange signal, with a central frequency of 1265 MHz and a BW of 40 MHz, and the transit lasts a little more than 3 minutes. I searched in sigidwiki and at first I thought it could be a GPS satellite, but the central frequency does not match with the observed one.
Here’s a picture of the complete spectrogram:

As you can see, the signal has also a constant shift towards its center time of propagation, and thats the reason why we thought at first it could
be a radar.
I hope someone can help us!! and thank you for your time!

This could be a radar from a satellite. A quick search reveals that the SAOCOM L-band SAR uses 1275 MHz, but has an allocated bandwidth of 50 MHz. Safe to assume any other satellites would be using a similar frequency for L-band synthetic aperture radar. Though 3 minutes seems to be pretty long for SAR.

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smack in the middle of the amateur 23cm band as well, some wide band (d)atv ?

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Thank you very much for your answer!! i looked up the satellite with orbitron and it seems like it is indeed the correct satellite!! There are some spots in the data where orbitron predicts its pass and the data does not show a transit, but in many others it does with the correct BW and central frequency! so i think it may be the correct satellite. Also, i searched and i found that there are 2 satellites called like that and I tracked them both and i found transits of them both.
Thanks again! i will use this information wisely!

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Thank you too! I searched those satellites before, but I didn´t get any interesting data.