SIDS Uploads: Temp -vs- Followed NORAD ID?

In the case where an object is listed with both a “Temporary NORAD ID” as well as a “Followed NORAD ID” will SIDS uploads sent to EITHER number be accepted into the database for that object? Or should only the “Temporary NORAD ID” be used, since that gives the appearance of being primary?

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Both will be accepted but the one you send with the Temporary NORAD ID will end up to the satellite entry you see and the one you send with the Followed NORAD ID will end up in a new entry(suggestion) for a satellite with this NORAD ID.

In the latter, when the satellite is identified both entries will be merged and the data from both will be available.

However the suggested way is to push data with the Temporary NORAD ID until the identification. This will make sure that the data will end up to the right satellite as the Followed NORAD ID may change until the identification.

By the way, if you are sure about the Followed NORAD ID and you have evidence that this is the right one, then you can provide this evidence in the related launch thread in order to identify the satellite.

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Excellent - thanks very much!

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