Sexy white PCBs arrived

I decided to use the Seeed fusion PCB service - Fusion PCB & PCB Assembly & Flexible PCB - Seeed Studio

At about $10 for 10 PCB’s with roughly 2 week turn around time including shipping it worked well for me.

They have plenty of options, so I got my PCB’s printed in sexy white for no good reason.

By the way, I have some extra PCBs and if anyone is in Australia/NZ building a rotator, get in touch.

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I’m in South Africa. Would you be willing to post to me?

Else I’ll have to order from dirtypcb

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I would be keen to grab a couple of you if your still carrying some spares :slight_smile:



Hi Sam
I would love a set of boards, I’m in NZ.



Those look super fresh!