Setting Time of Day Automatic TLE Updates Occur

Gpredict has the option of setting the frequency of automatic TLE updates to daily, weekly or monthly. There appears to be no way of setting the time of day the auto updates take place.
Currently I have it set up to update the TLEs daily and it does it at approx. 11:00pm local time. Is there a way of setting the time of day the updates are performed to something other than 11:00pm local time?

There is no option to configure when the update occurs. It just updates when a day has passed. However, you could try to force an update another time, if gpredict is not running when the update should occur, i.e. 11pm, the update will run when you start gpredict again.

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I did a forced update in the middle of the day and it updating every day. Though the update times are inconsistent.