Setting device in rotator module

Good evening, why in the rotator setting device, I can see only pstrotator, and not K3NG controller? What are conditions to see the controllers ?
Thank you
73! Franck

Gpredict uses Hamlib (rotctl/rotctld). The options for rotctl are:

1 Hamlib Dummy 0.2 Beta
2 Hamlib NET rotctl 0.3 Beta
201 Hamlib EasycommI 0.4 Beta
202 Hamlib EasycommII 0.4 Beta
204 Hamlib EasycommIII 0.4 Alpha
301 XQ2FOD Fodtrack 0.2 Stable
401 Idiom Press Rotor-EZ 2010-02-14 Beta
402 Idiom Press RotorCard 2010-02-14 Untested
403 Hy-Gain DCU-1/DCU-1X 2010-08-23 Untested
404 DF9GR ERC 2010-08-23b Alpha
405 Green Heron RT-21 2014-09-14 Alpha
501 SARtek SARtek-1 0.2 Untested
601 Yaesu GS-232A 0.5 Beta
602 Various GS-232 Generic 0.3 Beta
603 Yaesu GS-232B 0.4 Beta
604 F1TE GS232/F1TE Tracker 0.1 Beta
605 Yaesu/Kenpro GS-23 0.1 Alpha
606 Yaesu/Kenpro GS-232 0.1 Alpha
607 AMSAT LVB Tracker 0.1 Alpha
608 FoxDelta GS232/ST2 0.1 Alpha
701 WA6UFQ PcRotor 0.1 Untested
801 Heathkit HD 1780 Intellirotor 0.1 Beta
901 SPID Rot2Prog 1.0 Stable
902 SPID Rot1Prog 1.0 Stable
903 SPID MD-01/02 (ROT2 mode) 1.0 Stable
1001 M2 RC2800 0.1.1 Beta
1101 EA4TX ARS RCI AZ&EL 0.1 Beta
1102 EA4TX ARS RCI AZ 0.1 Beta
1201 AMSAT IF-100 0.1 Untested
1301 LA7LKA ts7400 0.1 Beta
1401 Celestron NexStar 0.1 Untested
1501 DG9OAA Ether6 (via ethernet) 0.1 Beta
1601 CNCTRK CNCTRK 0.1 Untested
1701 Prosistel Prosistel D 0.3 Beta
1801 Meade LX200 0.1 Alpha
1901 iOptron iOptron 0.1 Alpha

According to this documentation:

you should be able to use 601 or 603 as your command line controller option. Have you tried either of those?

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Thank you for return.
My commands are :
rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com7 -m 101 -s 57600 -t 4532
rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com19 -m 601 -s 9600 -t 4533
I try this evening others GS 232 items or Easycomm
If I have understood, GPredict can see device in device setting, if this is a correct hamlib option, is it exact ?
73 f1ssf

You have to set up the rigctld and rotctld devices in Gpredict. I don’t have the manual or my shack computer handy, so I can’t tell you the exact method - but you have define the port and the type of rotor (90° or 180° elevation, amount of azimuth travel, compass direction for azimuth stop, etc).

Hi Roy, many thank for your support, I have progressed…
I think my problem is in my batch file.
I have two commands:

rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r .\com7 -m 101 -s 57600 -t 4532
rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r .\com19 -m 601 -s 9600 -t 4533

, and rotor is the second, and I think is not executed, because if I use only
rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r .\com19 -m 601 -s 9600 -t 4533
it is OK , I can drive directly K3NG :yum:

So what is the correct syntaxe to run two commands simultaneously ?

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I start each daemon separately in different terminals. I would like to know how to start it via a script, as well.

Hi Roy
I have find :innocent:, see commands in batch file:

echo “Hamlib laucher for GPREDICT by F1SSF- 13_03_20”
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\hamlib-w64-3.3\bin
start /MIN cmd /k rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com7 -m 101 -s 57600 -t 4532
start /MIN cmd /k rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com10 -m 603 -s 9600 -t 4533

/MIN >this allows to run in a reduced window

Test and confirme it is ok ?
73 Franck

Unfortunately just an editorial hint:
Please use markdown (MD) code-tags to enclose source code. These are three backtics (`) to open a code-block and another three to end it.

It makes reading sourcecode in a forum post a lot more easy!


echo “Hamlib daemon launcher for GPREDICT by F1SSF- 13_03_20”
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\hamlib-w64-3.3\bin
start /MIN cmd /k rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com7 -m 101 -s 57600 -t 4532
start /MIN cmd /k rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com10 -m 603 -s 9600 -t 4533

Ok No problem , you have raison.

I’m running on ubuntu, though. Not sure if that will work in linux.