Sequential Vetting View in Web UI

Are there any plans to enable mass observation vetting capabilities in browser for all pending unvetted obs of a given user. I would love a way to just click good/bad and have my browser auto load the next waterfall until I’m out of unvetted obs. Is this a possibility going forward?

Right now I’m opening a million tabs to vet obs 20 at a time.


Yes there are plans to be implemented:

Both of them are high in priority after finishing with maintenance work that is currently ongoing.


Hey, until this is implemented coming up… I’ve found the quickest way to vet is using a mobile device page. Open up your station on your phone/tablet, Choose the station if more than one station available, Filter out upcoming observations and then start vetting. It’s quick, waterfall is bright and easy to go through multiple observations and then add more on the fly. I’ve done over 9,000 :flushed: E to the Z. I’ve actually only ever used my cell phone from sign up to setup to now…only recently signed on the Web UI on my laptop to see what I’ve been missing. Loads a little different than mobile but for vetting I’d stick to mobile instead of the tabs. Enjoy the signals :+1:t2:

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I tried the mobile view, but I’m not seeing it’s all that much faster than mashing the back button and remembering my position in the list. I just need a “next obs” button in either view to really expedite things.

Thanks so much for the update fredy. I’m really excited for these features. You guys do great work.