Sending data to Home Assistant - Home Automation

Just wondering if anyone has managed to get their Satnogs ground station to send data too a Home Assistant installation?
I was thinking of possibly using the Pre and Post script options to send a MQTT packet to my server which is running Mosquito, so I could track it’s health.

Thanks in advance

If you are running Node-RED as a Home Assistant addon; this flow might get you started;

If not, there might be a way to use the Satnogs API to get the data into your MQTT broker.


Thanks, I will have a look at this.

Just in case anyone else is interested, I have used the Node-RED flow suggested by @thebaldgeek running on my Home Assistant server.
I haven’t yet got the Node-RED to Home Assistant integration installed, so I’m passing the data in via the MQTT server.
Seams to be working like a dream.
Thanks for the help