Semi-Real time Live satellites status


I am sure this must have been discussed before?

Anyway can we have a dashboard showing a satellite has been non-active by having some system in place like valid observations for the past 5 days makes it a working satellite? This will automatically help us see satellites that have issues i.e. stop sending valid data? Maybe showing them as red on the DB? Ok you need to actually observe a satellite to know if he (or she) is still alive, but we have enough stations now to make these kind of conclusions. Almost like emailing you when my station is offline?

As I have it we have the current types of satellite in the database

a. Working satellites
b. Satellites not working
c. Satellites with old batteries or other issues and only transmitting when in sunlight?
d. Re-entered satellites
e. Satellites that have been sending valid data (or observed in the waterfall) and now not being decoded or observed in waterfall thate past day or two

Even if we just have a page listing the e. option?

Any comments appreciated. By the way the DB has been running now for 5 years well done!



I think that would be very interesting. If this existed I could even add it to information displayed in my Network Monitor for each sat.