SelfieSat mission

SelfieSat’s operators have announced today that the satellite captured its first image and could start its regular imaging sessions soon (hence its name), so it looks like the initial problems with its ground station have been fixed. SelfieSat has four(!) cameras in total, this image has been captured by one the three non-selfie cameras on the spacecraft’s body.

Image source

Attached below is a document describing the ground station used by the SelfieSat operations team;

SelfieSat_satellite_network (1).pdf (1.6 MB)

Observations of this satellite using SatNOGS stations that are within the SelfieSat ground station range (see pdf above or image below) should therefore have a chance of recording an image downlink.

Screenshot from 2022-12-09 18-14-12

SelfieSat already is in the database. Its frequency is 437.5 MHz, using FSK 9600 modulation.

As of now it is unclear whether the operators will announce imaging sessions ahead of time, or if a downlink format will be published. Assuming that said format isn’t too weird, once a usable observation containing an image downlink is obtained I will attempt to add image decoding support to my cubesat-jpeg decoder, alongside Lucky-7 and Geoscan-Edelveis


As far as I can tell, this is the only observation that has captured a data downlink to the SelfieSat ground station:
Even then it is incomplete and only started as the observation was ending.

I wrote to them about the image transmission a while back and unfortunately they didn’t respond :frowning:

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@dereksgc there is another observation here: SatNOGS Network - Observation 6603903

There are many such observations from the same station.

Thanks to @SA2KNG for such a wonderful setup!!

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This is an observation of when the satellite was in “emergency” mode, you can view the data as ASCII and it will just read out “SelfieSatSelfieSatSelfieSat…” all over again. It appears the team gained proper control of the satellite only recently, and so far no long space to ground dump has been captured by the network.

Yeah I noticed that too after I accidentally clicked “ASCII” XD

@dereksgc Perhaps a better idea would be to email the team at the address mentioned in the PDF. Will do so this afternoon.

Contact details: Mrs. Mari Linnerud,

Several contact attempts have been made already with no response to anyone as far as I can tell, no point trying to send more.

I downloaded all of the data from the dump observation via a custom python workaround (SatNogs doesn’t allow downloading data from satellites that are not coordinated) and here is how the dump looks… all filler :frowning:

Dump frame length is 176. Safe mode frame length is 80

Also note that the modulation is 2FSK and does not decode with regular 9600 baud demods, at least on my end

@dereksgc this observation also has the same empty content as the “dump” you posted before: SatNOGS Network - Observation 6844248 The frame period is also 176.

Interestingly enough, the packets are spread out through the observation, rather than just being clustered together as one might expect. A “slow dump??!”