Searching MAYAK

Hi, everybody!

This is Alexander Shaenko, head of Mayak project.

We have troubles with solar reflector deployment and now investigation reason of it. One hypothesis is problem with cubesat deployments on 600 km orbit.

So, please check state of NORAD objects from 42826 to 42849, does them transmit anything?

Regards, Alexander Shaenko.

Hi Alexander @4110,

Sorry to hear about the troubles - I have been looking forward to seeing Mayak!

We just added Technosat (42829) this weekend and will start scheduling observations. We do not have any of the FLOCK or LEMUR constellations, I don’t think they advertise frequencies or tlm format. You can follow along with the technosat observations here (blue ID number = upcoming, yellow ID number = not vetted yet, green ID number = has data, red ID number = nothing found).

By your message I am guessing you want to look for Mayak close to the others as they were in the same launch? What is the frequency and mode of the downlink, we can start looking for it either using the Technosat TLE or others that may be Mayak (some speculate it is 42830 ?)

-Corey KB9JHU

I have added Mayak to the db as 42830 since that is what everyone else reports it being for now.

In order to schedule observations we will need a frequency to look at. Otherwise we can keep looking for Technosat.

@4110 welcome to the community!

Technosat seems to be fully operational

As for Mayak, my understanding is that it does not have any on-board radio transmitters. @4110 is that correct?

Thank you, @cshields, for words of empathy!

Yes, I saw that you are tracking Technosat (42829) that is why decided to ask you to track othe objects from out launch.

I am especially interested in 42826 to 42849 object on apporox. 600 km: LEMUR, CICERO, CORVUS, NanoACE and Russian cubesats. The Flying Laptop, TechnoSat, WNISAT-1R, NorSat-1, NorSat-2 are reported their status and they are ok.

@pierros, you are right, Mayak due to budget and bureaucracy limitations has no radio on boaurd, so we, Mayak team, can use data from astromoners and NORAD to investigate spacecraft current status. My information about Mayak and its neighbours is concentrated in this table.

The idea of my petition to your community is to investigate status of Mayak “rocket mates”. If most of them fails that this is the reason to ask Roscomos about off-nominal situation during ascending to orbit.

I know that large Kanopus-V-IK, Flying Laptop, TechnoSat, WNISAT-1R, NorSat-1, NorSat-2 and Flocks are reporting normal status, so off-nominal situation can be on 600 km orbit cubesat separation sequence.

According to this. LEMUR frequences are in 402-403 MHz region.
I have no information about CICERO
Corvus and Dauria is made on one basis, so frequences are 400.175 MHz and around it.
Iskra-MAI-85, Equador UTE-UZGU have no data, investigating.

I will be grateful for the help!

Source of information about Corvus and Dauria.

I added corvus 1 and 2 to db since we have a frequency for it. We can try to monitor those.

It may be a couple of days, the technosat observations may overlap.

Thank you! Frequencies data for LEMURs is not not sufficient for monitoring their activity?