Scheduling types of sats

Maybe the wrong place to ask but has there been discussion on scheduling on types of passes via some set of rules rather than individual passes? For example all APT over 15 deg inclination, or all APRS passes.

I’d like to use my groundstation primarily for APRS and for it to auto schedule all ISS passes when APRS is on, otherwise its open to all users to schedule.

That’s a really interesting question. My first thought would be to wonder if there’s some way this can be done with the API. Unfortunately, I don’t see much information in the readthedocs documentation, but you might be able to play around with the interface on the web interface itself. You can find the root endpoint for the dev environment here, but (assuming you’re familiar with Python/Django) you may have to dig around in the satnogs-network code.

Maybe someone else from the project can chime in?

I have been wishing for the api to be documented more for a small while.

Hey all,

@g7kse directly to your point: We are implementing a priority functionality per ground station, so once automated schedule is in place you can set your station priorities and then the Netowrk will honor them. We will be sending more details on the proposed implementation soon for more public feedback and debating.

@saintaardvark Going through client-only for this is not an advisable way to go about it. Stick to network as most of the development is happening there, plus that’s how your observations are becoming public.

@saintaardvark @KD9KCK APIs are browsable guys :wink: You can see everything we expose here (and with your API key you can post data too). Let us know what you think is missing and we can document it more.

Brilliant news. You know this adds more pressure on me to get the rotator working again :wink:

Is it possible to schedule thru the api?