Scheduling observations by ground station

As far as I can tell there’s no easy way to schedule observations using the New Observation tab for a single ground station.

Does this functionality exist elsewhere? If not, could we add a dropdown box to select one (or more) ground stations?

New observation page indeed needs fixing of the datetime picker. We should get to that soon.

What functionality are you looking for though that is not present in the station page?

On a side note I am going to attempt to add some sort of functionality like this over the next few week. (Next two weeks is crazy with finals coming up and papers)

Using the ground station page works but requires scheduling each object/pass separately. I’m looking for scheduling (e.g.) all NOAA 18 passes for the next pass for a specific ground station.

I’ve found a work around by scheduling the pass from the ground station and then widening the time range by changing the times in the URL. An the IRC and also manual testing seems that the window can’t be more than 8 hours. Is that by design?

I would assume as after 8 h there may be a possibility that TLE have changed some. (Like the ISS after a boost)

Sure, for ISS that possibility exists, but very few of the other satellites manouver, and even if they do they won’t be late or early by more than a few minutes at most. As long as the TLEs used for the Doppler correction are recent there are no drawbacks of scheduling observations two or three days in advance.

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You can schedule days in advance but ou have to only go in 8 hour periods I think

I think judging from the experience we got so far, that is fair to say that we should be able to schedule for full 48h in advance if we want (that’s for the new observation view). Station pages should still display only the next 24h predictions.