Schedule a custom observation?

Is there a way to schedule a custom observation for a satellite not in the satnogs db? For example, set TLEs and frequency and pass times manually.


No it’s not possible.

Can you give us a little more context, maybe there is another way we can help.

I should add that I am referring to my own station, so I have access to directly modify it.
I am trying to schedule a pass for TIROS-N and a possibly a few other old satellites to see if they are broadcasting a carrier or any signal, like the way NOAA-9 does. These satellites aren’t listed in the list of available satellites. I am also trying to monitor a second frequency on NOAA-9 that isn’t listed in the list of transmitters on the satellite.

@bigjohn2345 welcome to SatNOGS! As you can see DB is a crowd-sourced database. Please check here: on how to suggest new satellites and/or frequencies.