Satpy : python library for decoding weather sat pictures

I just found something that could be usefull to have an automated weather picture decoding in satnogs. (of high resolution)

There is a feature “NOAA 15 to 19 AVHRR data in raw HRPT format” but I dont know if it’s usable.


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This is not a decoder for HRPT, but a library to produce composites and combine multiple
images. If we manage to produce compatible data,

  • NOAA 15 to 19, Metop A to C AVHRR data in AAPP format, decoded from the LRPT
  • NOAA 15 to 19 AVHRR data in raw HRPT format, decoded from HRPT

with satnogs stations, then we could use this software to combine the data.

This could also be used to combine the images already received via APT, altough this would require someone to write a reader for APT data (e.g. using the discussed Defintion of NOAA APT frames).

Thanks for posting this @jujun !

Wondering how we could integrate with it. Given the nature of this software, its inputs and its outputs, I think it should be on the DB side of things (rather than in client or network). Input from @Acinonyx @surligas @fredy @csete and @cshields would be appriciated :wink:

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hmm… we currently do wx imagery in client today, I’d suggest continuing with that (at least for now)