SATNOGS with vertical antenna

How is this for a vertical antenna monitoring satellites > 30 degree elevation. Who says we need fancy antenna! Even NOAA pics look useful

I think that could be better with a QFH, Eggbeater or even with a Bazooka Dipole…

Bazooka Dipole is easy to make.

Give it a try

73’s EA5WA Juan Carlos

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I have been using a vertical antenna since my turnstile seems to be way out of tune. (And its a homebrew so I have some work to do on it.)

I don’t get super good results but thats because I am in the south side of Chicago pretty close to downtown.


I am sure the QFH is better. My vertical is not even tuned, but very useful when you want to receive many bands using one antenna like the Nour satellite that transmit on 401MHz band. The reason behind the statement was to not discourage anybody to use fancy antennas, but just showing with a simple untuned vertical you can get very far!

The idea I have is still to see with most simple station what can you achieve! For certain people money is everything and you can still add value to SATNOGS using very simple setup. Maybe one day we will be able to use multiple GS to receive better signals at same time if we have good time synch!

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Yes, you’re right…One of the best omnidirectional antenna for sats is the X-30, very small antenna for tropo but very useful for sats

73’s Juan carlos EA5WA

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