SatNOGS swag ideas

Hey everyone! As we are about to produce new round of swag for groundstation owners and contributors, it would be great to gather all different ideas (or even designs!!) so we can select the best :smile:

So, shoot away any ideas in this thread.

Not so much swag but a random idea, a yard sign with the logo and URL on it that could be placed next to an installation sitting in public view. I’ve had a couple of people slow down and take a long look at mine, and while I would love to know what they think it is it would be cooler to give them a URL to go learn more.


How about laser cut “fully functional” ie rotatable minature sat nogs station, to be self assembled.

Designs could be posted on github but you could also distribute kits and/or stickers

Idea how it might look below
Excuse very crude drawing If I have some time I might actually put something together in sketchup.

How about a hybrid mobile app? (just to throw an idea on the table :stuck_out_tongue: )