SatNOGS station monitor


thanks for the suggestions. I had planned to add the rotator state later on. I also have some new features almost ready (polar plot of the pass and waterfall plot), but I unfortunately couldn’t put as much time into it as I’d liked to. I think there will be a new release in the next 1 or 2 weeks.

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Thanks! will install the new one when ready…

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When will you release the new discussed version?

I have my station running on a RPiZero.
It does the job but I notice it’s a little slow when I want to do some changes in the setup.
Bob vk2byf

Well those were pretty long two weeks but I finally got some time to work on this. I just released version 0.2.0. You can get the raspbian packet here.

The major changes (from the changelog):


  • Command line parameter -a|–api to specify the SatNOGS network api endpoint.
  • Polar plot
  • Show satellite footprint on map.
  • toggle satellite footprint with f key
  • config option sat_footprint to enable/disable satellite footprint on start


  • Display as many future jobs as possible.
  • Compiles on stable Rust.


  • Typos
  • Defaults for non essential config file entries.
  • Background of the log window is cleared on display.

The screenshot in the first post of this thread shows the new release with polar plot and satellite footprint.


After sorting out some dependencies issues with libssl1.1 I am up and running with the new version.
Much improved and frankly, even more powerful and helpful.
Nice work indeed. Thanks very much for your time.
(And thanks for the .deb installer, much cleaner!).


very nice the satnogs monitor try to install it on a laptop with pi desktop, the installation of libgpredict went well, the ./iss test worked. then I installed the satnogs-monitor_0.2.0_amd64.deb … but how do I start the program now ???

sri am not good at linux

After installation you can invoke the monitor with (replace STATION_ID with your SatNOGS ground station id):

satnogs-monitor -s STATION_ID

Also check -h for more options.

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pi@raspberry:~ $ satnogs-monitor -s 964
-bash: /usr/bin/satnogs-monitor: No such file or directory
pi@raspberry:~ $

there is a /usr/bin/satnogs-monitor file, chmod 755

Well then, it should work… I just tested it on a Debian Sid machine and it worked.

do i need rustc ? i’ts now not installed.

No, also the error message is in conflict with the executable being present. There is/was something wrong when you tried it. Are you sure you are on the same machine where you installed it?

You can also try to:

cd /usr/bin
./satnogs-monitor -s 964

thanks for your help, first try a new clean installation tomorrow

yes, it works on my raspberry pi, another question how can I switch between the tabs of my 2 stations?

now make a try on my laptop

After you started the monitor with several stations, either by configuring them in the config file or setting the IDs as arguments at the command line, you can switch between the station tabs with [TAB]. (See Readme)

ROGER (tap) oeps :slight_smile:

but it wil not work on laptop with buster desktop

root@raspberry:~# /usr/bin/satnogs-monitor -h
/usr/bin/satnogs-monitor: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

same problem with debian stretch

The error message is quite expressive: you are missing libgpredict.

There went probably something wrong during its compilation/installation. I did run all the steps as described in the readme and got a working installation of both libgpredict and the satnogs-monitor on Debian Sid (amd64 deb), Raspbian (armhf deb) and ArchLinux (build from source).

libgpredict is on the system

./iss-test wordt ok 

Testing a single ISS prediction


Lat: 18.389813558939 (expected: 18.389606541458)
Lon: -36.880015960342 (expected: -36.879846099166)
Alt: 409.7429431026 (expected: 409.7429029679)
Footprint: 4454.9076239034 (expected: 4454.9074167831)
Velocity: 7.6691931516 (expected: 7.66919316690)
pi@raspberry:~/libgpredict/test/build $