Satnogs station cant select transmiters

My system is up to date and online and producing readings, some are still timetabled for the future and appear to be working. Now after selecting a satellite a no-entry / stop sign stops the selection of a transmitter. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?



@blueskies can you point for which page are you talking about, is it the /observations or /observations/new page?

Can you describe step by step your moves?

I did a quick check and I didn’t notice anything wrong with the station or the scheduling process for your station.

Hi Fredy
I’m on my account, logged in,
from the Schedule Observations page, I select ISS , or any satellite
I get a message “no transmitter available” on the next dropbox and a no entry sign same for the station’s list
Future passes show nothing, status shows on line 1 day and 13 hrs
browser is Chrome, version



You are showing the page version, this is used by everyone so then nobody should be able to select transmitters.

Looking a the network I can’t find a user nor a station named blueskies what user and station name are you using?

For example the station definition determines what frequencies you can receive and therefor also has an influence on the transmitters you can select.

Here an example:

Please provide more step by step and detailed information.

@blueskies are we discussing about SatNOGS Network - Ground Station ZL2MST station?

For me future passes work fine for that station (it takes ~30s to complete) in both firefox and chromium browsers I checked:

As both future passes and transmitters list are loaded through javascript scripts, could you make sure that you have javascript enabled in your browser and also that you don’t block (with an extension maybe) either the javascript to load and run or more specifically the ajax requests on the Network.

Not sure if you are familiar with dev tools in Chrome browser, if you are, you can check there if the request is performed through the network panel. Open the station page, open the dev tools, go to network panel and then hit the Future Passes tab, you should see a pending request in the dev tools.

Hi Fredy
657 - ZL2MST is my station
I can vet my own passes on the station one at a time but the
image does nothing, it used to open an observation per page ie 16 pages would open .
Schedule an observation does not allow a transmitter or dates etc to be chosen and the future passes page does nothing I followed the developer link and got this

it does say there are some errors but unsure how to fix this.


For this make sure that you haven’t blocked the pop-ups and redirects for You can find more info on how to check in Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help.

I’ve checked it in more recent Chrome and worked fine when I allowed the pop-ups

I’m still wondering what’s going wrong with the scheduling, I’ve also checked in the latest chrome and worked fine by following these steps:

(Scheduling through station page)

  1. Visiting SatNOGS Network - Ground Station ZL2MST
  2. Click on future passes.
  3. Getting the loader “Calculating Future Passes”
  4. After ~30-40s I get the passes
  5. Hitting on one of the enabled Schedule buttons (the disabled are passes in the next 10min that are not allowed to be scheduled). This loads a new page (observations/new) with all the pass data (satellite, transmitters, station and dates) complete
  6. Hitting on Schedule and it schedules the observation.

(Scheduling through observations/new page)

  1. Visiting Sign In with Auth0
  2. Select a satellite, for example ISS
  3. Transmitters are loaded, I choose transmitter
  4. Selecting 657 station
  5. Selecting start/end dates (at least 1 day timespan)
  6. Hitting calculate button
  7. After calculation is done (almost immediately) I get all the passes
  8. Choose passes and hit schedule and it schedules the passes.

@blueskies Are these the steps you follow too? If yes, please let us know which Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac) you use and which chrome version.

I’ve checked the error you get but I didn’t spot where this come from, so the only solution will be to find the way to reproduce it.

One more thing, if possible, try with another browser or from another pc and check if you get the same results.

Hi Fredy
Im using windows 10 and Chrome Version 114.0.5735.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I was following the processes as you describe as I have for the last couple of years.
I took your idea a bit further and rest my chrome , this allowed me to use the normal process to schedule some obesrvations , I tried the future pass and it was 30+ seconds but it did complete. I still cant get the observations to open up 1 per page as it used to but its back up and running
Thank you for your help with this issue


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