SatNOGS setup on raspberry PI issues

Hello All,

When following the SatNOGS raspberry pi tutorial they say to flash the sd card with the SatNOGS image file from the download file once unzipped. By doing this it seems like it would delete the raspberry pi OS that was installed when setting up the raspberry pi on the sd card. Is this the correct way to set up SatNOGS?

And would the image file only run SatNOGS, so the other software required for the ground station: gpredict, Arduino IDE, hamlib, etc not be able to run on the raspberry pi along with the SatNOGS software?

Michael Buchwald

Writing a new image will erase everything on it, yes.

Follow the advice from this post Satnogs-setup python error - #4 by PE0SAT

If you’re running other software on it it will also need to be reinstalled after new image, backup configurations etc. This is a nonstandard setup so expect few stations to be exactly the same, ymmv.

I got Satnogs-setup to work.

Follow-up question: Do you run the other programs like ardiuno ide, hamlib and gpredict on the computer you are using to ssh into the raspberry pi on?

I usually don’t run much else on the satnogs stations when they’re a rpi. They are all headless setups dedicated to vhf/uhf reception. Usually not in a good spot for a workstation, more like closer to the rx antennas, but not up at the antennas…

I do have a regular computer with debian bullseye for all the amateur radio stuff, and it also has a satnogs-client running sometimes but in docker. This is just like any other desktop, could’ve had ubuntu on it as well.

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