Satnogs-setup Advanced Settings

Hi All,

  1. In the advanced satnogs settings, there’s a place to add a script here:

Is this a path to add some python such as a personal decoder?
Or maybe auto-transfer and delete an IQ file?

  1. If I want to change the .grc for a given receiver to fix some frequency offsets (like ESEO’s 3-4 kHz) - how does one do that? I didn’t want to overwrite the .py in /usr/bin.

Soon, I’ll know enough to answer questions :wink: 73s Chris

If the satellite has drifted in frequency it needs to be updated in the database. Usually, we add a new transmitter with “drifting” in the name.

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Thanks Alex - I’ve made the suggestion in the db.

Just to reiterate, how would one add a new .grc / .py file?

And what’s the args/docs for the SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT in satnogs-setup?

FYI @EA4GPZ has released an ESEO decoder in gr-satellites - everyone should try it :wink:

Gave it a shot in:
Need to now figure out how to debug the steps “after something doesn’t work”

73s C

For SatNOGS these are in the gr-satnogs repo, in the apps/flowgraphs directory. @surligas is the main coordinator for that tree, and you may want to reach out before putting too much work into gr-satnogs as I know there are big changes coming.



Ta @cshields!
@surligas - got any comment on what’s to come?
And when to think of new decoders?
73s C

Sorry for the delay. If you like to contribute back a decoder please make a merge request at the gr-satnogs module. There are available information and a base flowgraph at the

Regarding the offset, currently the process is to store this offset at the SatNOGS DB as @csete mentioned. I will add an option to the next release for such a case, because other users asked for it too.


That’s perfect - I can follow this nps. But will the contribution guide / interface change?

@cshields gave the impression that I should hold back as there’s changes afoot!

RE: Offsets, that would be good to have a ‘pass specific’ option rather than it being a db thing. Esp. on new satellites or when TLEs / oscillators are not settled.

Thanks in advance.

73s Chris

Well as the sats freq drifts normally the drift transponder in DB is changed to reflect it.

the changes I’m thinking of would be a shift from osmosdr to soapy, which for your script should end up being just a block change when that time comes…


@cshields @surligas - Hi Gents, I followed the linked page, created an appropriate gr-satnogs decoder, and added it to my build (replacing in the

1/ Is it as simple as adding the appropriate decoder .py file? Any other network/db settings required?

2/ Need to figure out how to debug said flow graph - find out what’s falling over. Any ideas?

73s Chris (17.9 KB)

There is a dependency between the satnogsclient and gr-satnogs. All you have to do is to contribute your flowgraph at the gr-satnogs and we will take care of the changes that they have to be done.


Rgr that - I’ll clone and add it to gitlab.

Is this process documented anywhere on the client changes?

I’d like to be able to test locally.

Best, Chris