SATNOGS_RX_GAIN not showing up in satnogs-update

So i am trying to get my first ground station up and running and i am following the satnogs guide.

I already ran the whole CubicSDR thing to try and find the right gain for the station. The problem is that when i run satnogs-setup and go under “basic” there is no option to set the gain and i have no idea why as i cannot find any litterature on it.

I am running it on a RPi 3 b+ with a RTL-SDR v3 plugged into it.

This is an old guide and may need some updates (feel free to edit the wiki page). The RX GAIN is not on the basic configuration but in advanced one under the radio settings. Please check this wiki page were you can find more detailed and updated info.

I’ve placed a warning notice at the top of the page that information on this how-to may be outdated.