Satnogs Rotator with CNC Shield

i’m trying to setup a rotator v3 with an arduino uno + Shield CNC and pololus, but i’m getting several error with the “libraries not found” for example globals.h and easycomm.h. I can see those files in the libraries directory but the sketch don’t recognize it.
i’m moved those files to the same directory as de INO file, and don’t work either. Do you have any advice, so i can upload the sketch with the Arduino IDE 1.8.12 in my win10?


I modified the includes sentence from this:
#include <globals.h>

to this:
#include “globals.h”

And it’s works. Maybe another has the same issue.

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Hi Mati

I think I am working on the same setup as you are right now. Run the Ardunio CNC shield
and Gpredict on windows 10. If so this is what I did.

I am using this site for instructions.

And this link for the sketch and Libraries folder that are needed.

I moved and renamed the folder labeled Libraries over to the Arduino libraries folder and it compiled fine. I think their was one library you have to download thru Arduino IDE and it was something like stepperacel?

You also have to make a small .bat file. For some reason I had a problem getting it to run properly
and the status window to pop up. I could not just click on the .bat file to get it to run. I had to use
the cmd prompt in windows and navigate to the folder with the .bat file to get it to run.


Hi! i’m will using it from a linux Raspberry Pi, but i want to upload the sketch from my windows 10 desktop.

One question regarding your scenario, in the bat file you control the hamlib scripts?

The bat file I was instructed to make as per the instructions was placed in the hamlib/.bin folder. When I start the bat file it brings up the cmd window and I can see the info being sent over to the arduino board thru my usb connection to the computer. I have Gpredict running and rotor setup.

I am waiting on stepper motors,power supply, micro switch end stops to see if the motor shield is all working. I do not know much yet about using the raspberry pi in place of the windows machine. I believe that the libraries folder I am using has files modified for a windows/Gpredict/CNC shield. For the most part I am almost a complete newbie at this with limited experience and decided to try this setup first before using the raspberry pi.