SatNOGS rotator v3.1 sourcing parts help (United States)

Hi all, I’m currently in the process of ordering parts for the SatNOGS v3.1 antenna rotator and am trying to avoid international shipping due to costs. I’ve been looking for inner bracket B-type slot 6 (Innenwinkel Stahl 20 B-Typ Nut 6) and t-nut B-type slot 6 (Hammermutter im B-Typ, Nut 6 und der Ausführung M4 bestellen) hardware components but haven’t had much luck with US-based distributors, as they typically have different dimensions. Has anyone else found these components in a US-based distributor (at a reasonable price)? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Turns out the fastening hardware was most expensive part of building my v3.1 rotator :rofl:

Anyways, I just ordered my t-slot hardware from Amazon, free shipping in US (with Amazon Prime).

Thank you so much, this really helps!