SatNOGS Rotator Controller v2.2 PCBs available

I have a few SatNOGS Rotator Controller PCBs available. They should be v2.2. Have assembled one and it works as far as i could test it so far.

They were manufactured by PCBWay.

Probably i can ship them between two card boards as a letter to have cheap shipping and avoid customs.

Hi Daniel,
if you send me your address as PM i’ll send it to you as Courrier-B to Vevey ?
For me i’ve directly assembled 2 pcbs in case i’ll build a 2nd rotator… or as a spare if i burn the first one.
First have to finish the mechanical part of my 1st rotator
73 de HB9FXX - Martin

Geat Martin
The point is that I dont know how to send a PM , HI…

Found out how to send you a PM, so you should be able to reply :wink:

I maybe need to add these are ‘bare’ PCBs, no components.

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@hb9iiu your received my PM ?