Satnogs rotator controller v. 3 - working with old v.1.2 or need new pcb?

Hello everyone.
After having already produced 2 rotors, version 2, I am starting the construction of the Satnogs V.3 rotor with aluminum profiles and a 40 mm boom. to be able to attack a 1.7 Ghz antenna grid (LTE version) that combined with the SAWFILTER GOES Nooelec for 1.7 Ghz I will be used to track the weather satellites in HRPT.

I would like to ask some questions about the construction, and I hope you can help me:

  1. What is the GEAR RATIO of the new V.3 rotor with stepper motor of 1.59 Nm 2 A is 1:54 or 1:60?

  2. I already have the PCB for both version 1.2 and version 2 I think (as pictured attached), I wanted to ask if the version 1.2 is compatible with the rotor Satnogs version 3 or needs by force of the latest version of PCB (V. 2.2).

  3. If it is necessary for version 2.2 my 2 version is that good in the picture?

I thank you in advance for the answer and I hope to be able to trace the weather satellites in HRPT with the new version 3 rotor of your legendary TEAM

Massimiliano Caturegli - IZ5RZR


Can I use old V 1.2 pcb on new v 3 rotator?


Like , V3.1 DC rotator .

Default configuration is 1:54, wiki page.

Yes, you can use it with stepper motors.

For v3 rotator start to build parts which are in master branch, also the documentation, about the build, is placed in wiki page.