SatNogs Rotator Control Tool

Hi Everyone, My name is Foster. I am a student at Oakland Universitystudying electrical & computer engineering. I am taking my first ever programming class (C#). Ive completed all of the assignments with ease and wanted to challenge myself to do something else. I built my v3 rotator about 3 months ago and realized my newest hobby. I made a control tool for the v3 rotator with the Arduino CNC shield & RPI using SSH.NET. Id like to offer it to people once I get some testing done. I’ve debugged the program to my fullest extent but im sure it has issues as this is my first official C# program. If you interested in testing it out or giving me some feedback id greatly appreciate it. I have an installer made and can eventually provide source code (need to clean everything up). Thanks!


This is my first time using GitHub for my own use or even releasing any type of software so I’m sure there are issues with the repository. Please keep in mind that I have less than 2months of experience with C# / programming in general so there are probably more efficient ways to achieve what im doing… but the bottom line is that it worked for me haha.

I appreciate any feedback/changes to make the code more efficient or suggestions for the UI.


Oops! I realized the repository does not include the installer. I will update by 11/1/2021.

Congrats @fobter, great to see that you built this and made it available to others. I’ll try it once the installer is there.


Updated now, I hope it works. I have no idea what I’m doing tbh.

Hello foster
Congratulations for your work, where can you see the software?
Alberto LU4WAC