Satnogs off line due to internet problems

Any way to send an error report to an email address, Facebook messenger, whats app or a txt message if a station has not been seen on the network for a time ? perhaps a variable limit, 30 mins, 1 hr , 3 hr , 12 hr etc . Or if the station has a booked pass and not visible on the the internet ? I have had a couple of emails re erratic behavior but always well after the event.
Iv been having intermittent internet problems, cant have a wired connection to the station in current location and if the wifi goes i get lots of didn’t work (Failed) to log.

I’ve gotten a few warning emails that there were issues with my stations. When I inquired about the emails, I was told that there is a semi automated process for doing it, but it still involved manual work. The goal is for it to be automatic eventually.

Not quite yet in an automated fashion… but we do have issues filed for such: