SatNOGS network - availability of audio observation files on older observations

Due to an unexpected outage in, they are under maintenance.

This is the reason behind getting 500 errors in older observations (older than a month), as links in for audio files fail to be resolved. This problem will be solved as soon as is back online.

We are also looking on improving the user experience for SatNOGS network users, so in similar situation in the future no 500 errors show up.


A UX fix is deployed in order to avoid more 500 errors, so now users will be alerted with an error message that audio file isn’t available.

Here is the latest update from


The issue with is solved.

If you face similar issues, let us know!



I’m new here so first I’d like to thank all of you for the tremendous work you’re doing!
I revive this old topic because I experience the exact same problem.

I was looking for old audio files I had listed some time ago, and it seems most of them are not available. For example, files for observation 749919 are not on the site, or at least the link from the DB is broken. Same for 764404n 592104, etc.

Do the files still exist or have the been deleted altogether?

All the best,

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Data migration on SatNOGS Network: Limited access to audio files before 2021-01-31 00:00 UTC might be related. Not sure what the status on the migration is.

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@jbolmont as @mfalkvidd said we are in a migration data state (I’ve updated the status on the linked thread). If the observations had audio file then you will be able to find it but for now you need to search manually in these entries. In each entry there are 10 zips with 1000 audio files each of them. You can check the contents of each zip and download only the audio files you want from it. If you need more assistance let us know.

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@mfalkvidd, @fredy: Thanks a lot for your answers! I greatly apreciate!

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