SatNOGS network API inconsistency

Hello community,

While exploring SatNOGS API documentation, I found certain API inconsistencies with SatNOGS Network WEB interface. For example, stations API does not provide fields like image, success rate and owner. Was this done for purpose, or this can be fixed to synchronise data available through web interface and API?

Best regards,
Victor Belov

Hey Victor,

For each missing field please open an issue in Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-network · GitLab

The ones you point here are missing because no one needed them in the API. So, with the issues will help the developers to track and implement these requests. If you are familiar with the Network’s code, you can also add with the issues the merge requests that solve them.

Hey @fredy

Thanks for response. For the sake of avoiding duplicate issues I’ve started looking for existing ones for the fields I miss to make the iOS client functionally equal to web interface and, for example, found an existing issue about station image URL which is open for 2 years already. What are chances it will be implemented?
As for pull requests to implement missing API fields/calls I would love to do that, but I’m not really an expert in python and additionally I’m dedicating all my free time to the iOS app right now. If this is the only option to make those changes in a reasonable time, I will then implement the app to the level it can be done with existing API, then release it and then start working on fixing network API. Would love to hear your suggestions on that.

Best regards,
Victor Belov

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More or less these are trivial changes, given that these values already exist and need to just be exposed to the API. Given that recently had one more developer working on SatNOGS it will take much time to be implemented, tested and deployed.

My suggestion If you want to release soon, is you go with a first release without them and then create an update.