Satnogs Network Account

Hi all.
These week we are building a set of rotators at our school and we would like to register, at least one in the satnogs network.
I tried at the web but there’s a message about that you can only register with an invitation… It would be possible to be invited to the satnogs network? :wink:

Thanks in advance.

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Great!!! Good timing too, we just released our latest client over the weekend. This is in Tenerife, right? PM me your email address for the invite.

You can sign up without an invitation at and test your setup there without fear of adding a lot of failed data. As soon as you are comfortable that it is working, then change the URL, your API and station ID to the prod instance at


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Yes, we are located at Tenerife, near our capital city, Santa Cruz.

If we finish today all electronics we will try to bring it online.
Thank you in advance, we will try network-dev meanwhile.


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