SatNOG's Logo's and headers

Are you guys ok with me using your logos and headers on a flyer I’m putting together when I display our rotator in the UK?

Of course you are free to use them as long anything related to the SatNOGS project.

Feel free to share your flyer with the SatNOGS community too if you like.

Great, this is what I quickly knocked up this afternoon based on the FAQ. Comments and suggestions always welcome.

I’ll be putting our ground station on display at our club stand at the NARSA radio rally on the 10th April. I’m hoping to get some enthusiasm from the other radio amateurs and the potential for a couple of ham radio publishers. So it would be good to make sure is ‘on satNOGS message’

Trifold by the way. Original is in Google Docs so can share that way if you want otherwise here’s a .pdfSatNOGSflyer.pdf (271.6 KB)

Link to Google Doc

I’ve checked it out, please see the “contact details” something must be missing :slight_smile:
But it looks good.

@pierros made a leaflet with v3 rotator’s specs v3-leaflet-front.pdf (201.0 KB) andv3-leaflet-back.pdf (149.4 KB) that would also might find useful to print that too or use some of the visuals from it

@manthos has created another a [parody leaflet/assembly manual]

too but I don’t recommend to use it in actually building a groundstation :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks for the comments. I’m sure I’ll change it around a dozen times before I go.

The link’s are showing up as missing or private btw

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Broken links must be fixed now, right?

All present and correct :slight_smile:

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