SatNOGS iPhone/iPad application

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to share the SatNOGS iOS application I was able to develop in the recent month as it is published on the App Store now. The source code will be published soon for those willing to contribute or just look inside the app, I hope I will be able to publish it under SatNOGS project. Meanwhile you can share your thoughts, reports and ideas in this topic.
The app implements functionality to the extent of what is possible through the current network API, I’ve started working on extending API to reach the full feature set of the website.



Nice work!

One bit of fredback: the frequency search/filter for ground stations doesn’t seem to work. Entering stuff into the search box does have an effect on the list, but not the result I expected. For example, typing 12000000000 in the seach box lists SatNOGS Network - Ground Station KB9JHU which doesn’t appear to have 12GHz support.

True. Unfortunately station API does not support frequency filtering yet. Hope to add this soon!

I see. Thanks for explaining.

Nice work, thanks !!

This looks great, Is anyone able to do an Android version? I have no coding skills ???