SatNOGS in Mumbai, India

Hi guys,

We will be building first SatNOGS opensource ground station of Mumbai, India. The build will be supported by @makersasylum, makerspace in Mumbai. The community is already exited about the project. The first brainstorming will happen on 15th November, Sunday, 5 pm IST, a hangout link will be uploaded soon. Wish us good luck, looking forward for your support.



Meetup 1.0
Link to hangout:
Venue: Makers Asylum, Mumbai, India
Time: 5 pm IST

@sachinm Are you looking for a specific skill-set? Because being a student I have the same random half-hazard knowledge all students of my age normally possess. Therefore my main intention is to use this opportunity to learn. Basically putting it honestly , there’s very little in terms of skills I would bring to the table and of course a lot in terms of skills I’m hoping to take from the table. Hope that’s fine?

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That should be totally fine.

Dear Friend,

I am very keen to know about you all in a bit more detail. We are a part of the prestigious global competition Google Lunar X prize ( and the sole participant from India. The first privately funded Lunar Mission.

Request you to please share your contact details.

With best regards,

Sudip kar

Hi @Sudip thanks for getting in touch.

You can reach out to me at


Hello Sachin,

I was trying to reach you for some time and your mobile is switched off for long.

Please get in touch.


Sudip Kar
Team Indus

Hey I am from mumbai as well. If there is any progress still going on, i would be glad to be a part of it.