SATNOGS in isolated area

Anybody thought of adding solar for power and iridium modem for satnogs station in an isolated area?

That should be really straighforward.

For that although it might be easy to setup, the cost of running it would be really high.

Do you have something specific in mind?

Hi Pierros,

I was just thinking outside the box :wink: to get coverage where we dont have coverage yet.

Maybe need to look at how we can get bandwidth lower or look at more distributed system so data is stored at the system till you have access. Maybe eshailsat can also be used?

Just and idea to get people thinking, the clever or more practical people might have some solutions?

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At the AMSAT Symposium a few weeks back, W2BFJ (/stations/12) gave a presentation on deploying foxtelem kits and getting global coverage… Obviously, Antarctica was brought up as a “would love to have this!”.

Got me thinking a lot about what we would do if we were given a chance at a ground station in Antarctica. Bandwidth (iridium) is at a premium there. Would we disable the uploading of the .ogg files and stick with waterfall and decoded data? I think there would be a strong argument for that. We’re decoding enough satellites now where that would be very beneficial.


Is anyone working to get satnogs nodes into Africa? I’d be up for helping if anyone is…

There isn’t anything active currently. It would be nice to try if there are any contacts with universities or radio amateur clubs or individuals.

Perhaps you can use the Starlink network for this when it becomes fully operational. Or depending how remote, you could use a cellular modem.