Satnogs in extreme weather

I have been following Satnogs for a while now. I am very much intrersted in this project and would like to get started on this.

Currently I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. The only thing I am concerned about is extreme winters. we have temps falling down to -40C, but the summers are good though (no more than 25 C) and was wondering if anyone has a similar experience. I am aware that circuit boards like RPi and Arduino have working temprature range, I hope to fix that by keeping only the necessary components out in the cold.

Please suggest and comment.
Mohit Godiya

Hello Mohit!

Welcome to the community, it is great to see you here :slight_smile:
Have you operated a rotator before? Temperatures would not be my number one concern here, especially since all electronics are enclosed and are heated up due to operating (stepper or dc controllers/drivers + the power supply unit). Wind would be my biggest fear for your situation as well as snow deposits on your setup.

I would advise you start small with a no-rotator setup to verify operations of the RX and client electronics (sdr, rpi3, lna, psu etc) in your cold weather. Take a look at our No Rotator setup wiki page that can guide your through the process and feel free to post any questions, requests for guidance here. Cheers!


I would +1 for the no rotator if it’s out in extreme weather. I live in the north west UK on the coast and 50+ salty wind is a common antenna killer. I get reasonable results with a no-rotator in the loft. The rotator will also go indoors, it’s a compromise but I am working on the loss through the slate roof is a worthwhile compromise compared to an unreliable mechanism.

If you want any more detail on what works for me then just ask.