Satnogs in Bavaria, Germany

Hi Guys,

i want to show you my Satnogs open source antenna tracker i have built. I made some pictures of it in a beautyful night with a clear sky on a field while i was outside with my telescope :).
For more information you can visit my homepage.


Hey @RAM ! This is an awesome build, and even more awesome pictures of it! Have you considered adding it to the network? Thanks for sharing!

Hello Pierros,

This was a first hardware test. If everything works properly, I will integrate my project into the network :wink:

Very cool! What are you using for the laser?

The laser is the laser diode from a green laser pointer. It has 3 mW power, the beam is only because of the long exposure so bright;). For the laser diode I have also built a small heater from a resistor because these green laser diodes do not function properly at low temperatures.