SatNOGS ground Station KIT

So gys im thinking building a kit somone interested ?

so i kan pul together how many woud by one price will be 200€/$ or less atleast its the goal.

so pls tell me who woud by a kit for this price?

Interested in buying the kit. Does it ship to India.

Hi, I guess you might be building v3 of the rotator.

Have you ever build you own SatNOGS rotator?

Do you plan on including the 3D printed parts too, t-slot aluminum profils, motors and control electronics too, screws and etc?

Cause if you do so I think cost will go over 200$

Exactly @elkos the entire Sat NOGS should cost more than $300 if all parts are considered.

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the idea is to buy them in bulk just alone and buy them not from ebay but from companys directly.

so with a litle effort it coud be done im stil in the proces of makeing conections to specific firms that are producing all the Stuff. i will try to setup a partlist @ the weekend if i have some contracts sugestions up with theth firms

im realy sorry for my bad english talking more that writing it XD

Well since a SatNOGS rotator, even more a complete ground station, is actually a electro-mechanical device with several custom made or modified components one has to test all parts sourced by several distributors to verify if the resulting kit will be working normally.

In other terms a working prototype especially with the custom made parts should be created and tested in stress tests and in actual conditions before creating a kit.

In the coming days we will post a video of the stress tests the SatNOGS core team run on our v3 rotators. So you can see how you can stress test your rotator on the meantime I suggest you start building your own rotator. :slight_smile:

I would be interested in buying a kit. I’m graduated engineer from Valparaiso university. I helped work on the version 2 antennas. I now live in Hawaii and am interested in building a ground station here because it’s a great place to have one. Email me at if you have a kit or at least a bom with sources to buy.

I’m not sure in its current form its best suited to a kit. There is quite a lot of building to do mechanically speaking in its current form and things like t-slot are expensive.

Bulk buying parts is a different matter, we’s still need a lot of buyers to make it worth it but that’s where there could be savings. The other saving would be in time. So picking parts that could easily be stocked and shipped might be a benefit.

I would hate to see someone go to loads of trouble to produce a kit and then have to support that. But its still a really good idea and worth considering for v4…v5…v6 etc