Satnogs for LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32

Hello. Is SATNOGS software available for LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32 433MHz boards???.

No. Satnogs requires a linux environment. The Lilygo ttgo lora32 is based on esp32 which cannot run linux.

Also, satnogs requires a sdr.

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Actually… There is an effort to have a SatNOGS embedded version on such boards:

Any contributors? :slight_smile:


Will take a look, seeing as it’s already using RadioLib which I maintain :wink:

- jgromes

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I’m very interested in this, appears to be a cheaper alternative to the RPi 3 or 4 currently required.
Watching closely.

I’m very interested to. Have a spare board to use. Any progress?
Is there a “ready to install” program available?

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