SatNOGS DB recent contributors bug?

Hi all,

Looking at the SatNOGS DB recent contributor’s for the last 24 hours, it shows station YC5YC (station ID 1774) as having nearly 12k frames (nice!!) in the last 24 hours

(from ~ 13:00 UTC)

Screenshot_2021-08-31 SatNOGS DB - Home

Being curious as to the setup and satellites observed by that station, I looked into it further and found this station has been offline for over 4 days. Bug or what am I missing here? :slight_smile:

Same goes for YC1SCC (from 13:45 UTC)

Screenshot_2021-08-31 SatNOGS DB - Home(2)

maybe 150 frames (not ~8k) in last 24 hours looking at their observation results

SatNOGS DB receives frames from SatNOGS Network and other external sources. The frames you see for both contributors are coming from external sources.

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@fredy, Thanks for the explanation. OK, so there are really 12k and 8k (respectively) frames coming from external sources for those two ground stations but those 12k and 8k frames are just not visible for the rest of us to see/download.

You can download the data either by exporting them in each satellite page or by using the telemetry API endpoint. For both you need a way of authentication, either a session cookie by logging in for the exporting or the browsable API, or API token when you request the data from the API.

EDIT: I forgot to say that in the API endpoint you can see in the app_source field if the data come from external source, with the value sids, or the network, with the value network.


Thanks again for that explanation and for clearing up my confusion :slight_smile: