SatNOGS DB - null Mode description breaking satnogs-monitor

A while back I logged an Issue with @wose’s awesome satnogs-monitor tool. Basically if the Mode (or Downlink Mode) in SatNOGS DB is defined as ‘-’, it triggers a display error in satnogs-monitor until that future observation comes due (can be up to 48 hours!) or you delete the observation manually:

Details here:

I just proposed a SatNOGS DB change for the Mode to be changed to ‘FM’ in for Blue Diamond and Red Diamond. Green Diamond is listed as FM and does not trigger this display error. But maybe this needs to come from the XXX Diamond team and not yours truly.

Also updated the satnogs-monitor Issue with this information for a possible parsing/bug fix on that end.



Both suggestions have been accepted. Thanks!

If you have some more time could you perform the same with the rest of the transmitter that don’t have mode assigned?

In this list SatNOGS DB - Transmitters you will find them with mode None. Sorting them by mode it will group them, but unfortunately you will need to navigate through pages as the filtering doesn’t work for None value.

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@fredy - gladly, here you go. And thank you!

Verified by scheduling one observation for one satellite:

  • check satnogs-monitor to see if it breaks with one new observation
  • delete new observation to see if satnogs-monitor is fixed by removing it
  • repeat above/move on to next satellite

Most of these break satnogs-monitor.


Satellite Downlink Mode Baud Breaks satnogs-monitor TX UUID
43744 - HIBER-1 401.040 MHz None None yes 39DHPGwrTjRLrgtj5CWeCo
43443 - ZHUHAI-1 OHS-04 401.520 MHz None None yes 3RC87bD9GGH8H9WQXAaRzf
40299 - HODOYOSHI-1 467.674 MHz None None yes 3ZcCyfpfRs2RriCJriDgvC
46810 - TIANQI-6 400.500 MHz None None yes 58bi5EB5oeuvurNEBC8dHB
43143 - CICERO 7 401.200 MHz None None yes 87UdtdTmc2KJoi2h6x2KdH
43157 - KEPLER-0 400.799 MHz None None yes 9oV29Ptpwpz6JAjbRcHc7n
43820 - SEAHAWK-1 400.751 MHz None None yes bTWc6EDYgx9s2J2CSCuEFp
46319 - KEPLER-2 400.800 MHz None None yes cMQUiPebfmniUFj5XN9bnM
41948 - CARTOSAT 2D 402.761 MHz None None yes DDSzJs26iQNdKf2zfngJAq
44499 - GLOBAL-4 401.500 MHz None None yes E29y4uyQMMykqgbRMj6hRo
43439 - ZHUHAI-1 OHS-01 401.480 MHz None None yes j7NBnzN6Vocc7FAWiANFLi
43729 - KEPLER-1 400.799 MHz None None yes jhBZY2MmjhwoSmqQPq8Ygg
47966 - CENTAURI-3 400.180 MHz None None yes mLVGSTxwDvHUs7i2RRtt2W
43907 - ZACUBE-2 401.075 MHz None 9600 yes MZw5VBujhvmW6Hsb8f4Ud2
43196 - GOMX4-B 400.800 MHz None None yes Q9dCXF7YsTXksYUtfuCrx6
46292 - 3CAT-5/A, FSSCat A 401.337 MHz None None yes Tfcuhnemzrjph85CFD3hgF
44705 - HUANGPU-1 401.800 MHz None None yes TttJhHcSHDktVa2apUhTu7
43440 - ZHUHAI-1 OVS-02 401.440 MHz None None yes VEmfpnZWXadC9wbzHappQW
43548 - RAINCUBE 400.800 MHz None None ??? untested- not in view next 48 hours
43130 - ARKYD 6A 401.510 MHz None None yes tx 401.510 MHz kkDaAAwvayBaoWMUnifmgK & 401.989 MHz a7RiH7dm7c2QMBmj4d7qid breaks. Tx 401.500 MHz gmFAbpZPf6Gu4V88F8KyjG works
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